Monday, December 23, 2013

"Why I Don't Believe In Modern Day Prophets!"

When "super spiritual" people want to introduce me to a "new word from God", or a "new way" of handling the things of God. I always tell them; "No Thank You [...God's old Word and His old way is still working find for me]."
When you understand [Hebrews 1:1-3] then you understand there is no need for any "new revelation" about God or what He is doing...

The writer of Hebrews affirms that Christ is the full revelation of God. He tells us that Christ fully revealed God by being fully God. In other words; we can see in Christ everything we need to know about GodI don’t know if you know what else that means so let me make it clearSince God has presented His complete revelation in the Person of His Son / Himself, why in the world does He need any other faulty form to speak for Him [including man]? This is why I know that the Bible rejects all modern day so called prophets/prophetesses. Why would God let anyone come and speak in fragments [secret codes, mysteries...etc] about prophecy, when God has already given us and presented to us His complete revelation in the Person of His Son / Himself. This establishes for us that Jesus is superior to every previous form of revelation. Jesus Christ is the full expression of His Father God…This is why He said; “He who has seen Me has seen the Father” [John14:9].
Jesus Christ Is The Best Gift Ever!
Quit running after false prophets and teachers who at best could only have partial revelation—but no new revelation, because the complete revelation is found in the presentation of who Jesus Christ is
Quit letting folk tell you that God is doing a new thing and only few people are privy to it. Everything you need to know about what God is doing, and is going to do has been revealed in The Person of Jesus Christ.
If you’re going to follow anyone, follow someone who is following Jesus and doesn’t need to come up with a "newer way, a better way, or a more comfortable way... because He [Jesus] is the only way to God. [Jesus] is the full expression of God.  
He is the Best Gift Ever! And if you have Him as your gift, you have the Best Gift Ever!

Watch out for folk, who promote any other gift greater then the Gift of Jesus!
Jesus is the gift that makes you forget about all the other gifts, because He is The Best Gift Ever!

Go do your homework on [Hebrews 1:1-3]
Guarding The Truth...Until He Comes

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