Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Marketing of Evil...How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom

A minister friend of mines recommended a great book to me recently. I loved it so much that I made it a focal point of discussion with "The Remnant" at our church.

The Remnant is a diverse group of young people ranging in ages 18-30 [not all belonging to our church], that my wife and I meet with to talk about current trends, critical issues, the emerging change in church, hot topics, or whatever is on their minds, [without them feeling as if I/we are proselyt-ing them]. Our sole purpose is to help them in the everyday challenges they face to live with integrity and to have a good testimony before a watching world waiting on them to fail.
I/we want this group of young people to impact their generation, and both generations before them, and after them, by them having an understanding of what is actually happening in the world around them, and what the implications are if they do nothing, or if they continued to think and feel like the wrongful majority.
I/we are fully aware of not all, but most of the things being taught wrongly but permissively in our institutions of higher learning [from the dissembling of absolute truth to the tolerance of things you should rightly be intolerant about]. Because my/our generation ignored it, and the generation before ours avoided it, we now live in a day and time where not only does anything goes, but there has been a shift from ‘is something true’ to ‘was anyone offended by the truth?’
I have been saying for years; "The world has been spreading it lies for so long until people in church think its truth, and the church has been telling the truth so long that people in the world now perceives it as a lie."
So my wife and I meet with The Remnant to develop a remnant of young people who will not be afraid to rip the mask off of all the bad things both spiritual and non-spiritual that is invading our homes, churches, and communities, this is why I presented this book for our discussion.
Here is what we talked about during our last meeting...
To stimulate your thinking for our meeting this month I want to share this subject and book title The Marketing of Evil [by David Kupelin]

Have you ever wondered how America has been transformed so rapidly from a strong Judeo-Christian culture into a divided, confused, and contentious society increasingly hostile to its own core values? In other words, how is it that today society in general is accepting ideas and behaviors that would have horrified all previous generations?
I think the answers to those questions are found in the pervasive influence of the “marketers of evil.”  …The plain truth is that within the space of our lifetime, much of what Americans once almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped, and sold to us as though it had great value. –By skillfully playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity, and tolerance, these marketers have persuaded us to embrace as enlightened and noble that which all previous generations since America’s founding regarded as grossly self-destructive—in a word, evil.
Things we can talk about:
·        How giant entertainment corporations use all the powerful psychological tools of modern marketing and manipulation to get America’s children not only to buy the latest products but to rebel against their parents’ values.
·        How a fraudulent scientist, widely revered as the father of the “sexual revolution,” has now been exposed as a sexual psychopath who encouraged pedophilia.
·        How the ACLU and others intent on removing every reference to God in the public square are espousing a dangerous and provably false legal theory of church-state separation.
·        How the establishment news media have conformed to a comprehensive “gay rights” marketing plan openly published by professional Harvard-trained marketers.
·        How the abortion lobby conned us with a slick public relations campaign based on lies and wild fabrications that are still widely accepted as “facts.”
·        And how the marketers of evil have tricked America’s churches out of their natural leadership role in society into a divided, confused, and contentious society—and how that vital role can and must be reclaimed. 

The Remnant…”Now & Next”
Talking about what’s happening now so we can deal with what happens next.